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    Employment Opportunities

    Gulfsouth Autism Center is looking for compassionate, patient, and dedicated individuals to work with children and families we support through our clinic-based therapy services.  Our programs offer children on the Autism Spectrum the best opportunity to achieve success, with sustainable goals in communication, social skills, daily interactions, and much more.

    The Gulfsouth Autism Center team works hard to maintain a healthy, fun, cheerful environment that is conducive to learning.  If you are energetic, outgoing, passionate about helping others, and ready to dedicate your expertise to making a difference in a child’s life, we’d like to meet you.


    GulfSouth Autism Center (GSAC) is a multidisciplinary organization that helps children on the Autism Spectrum advance their skills in communication, and social and daily interactions by providing comprehensive treatment for ASD and related communication disorders.

    Our staff is passionate about working with this population and thrives in our collaborative environment. You will work closely with our on-site licensed psychologists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapist, and BCBAs.

    Applicants must hold a master’s or doctoral degree, be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and a Licensed Behavior Analyst in the State of Louisiana. BCBA students nearing graduation are encouraged to apply.


    • Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis or related field.
    • BCBA Certification - Must hold a current certification by Louisiana Board.
    • Minimum of 1 year experience providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

    Preferred Candidates

    • Positive, solution-focused attitude.
    • Fit with our culture of an open-minded, family-first approach.
    • Strong knowledge of ABA fundamentals and a person-centered approach to therapy.
    • Interested in professional growth through the use of a growth-oriented mindset.
    • Proven track record of growth and success in prior employment.
    • Strong leadership skills and willingness to show initiative in all situations.

    Position Details

    • Responsible for enforcing professional and ethical standards for ABA Therapy in order to maintain GulfSouth Autism’s high quality of care for clients and adherence to the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts issued by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
    • Develop processes for standardizing clinical procedures (e.g., weekly clinical overlaps; parent/team meetings; semi-annual assessments, etc.) to ensure the advancement of skills within the BCBA team.
    • Responsible for monitoring and ensuring Line Technicians are scheduled for their target hours prior to the team.
    • Monitors the efficient requirements set forth by the Operations and Financial team regarding production numbers and reporting.
    • Ensures the clinic census set forth by GulfSouth Autism is achieved and maintained.
    • Support in the execution of monthly professional development sessions for all BCBAs, Speech Therapists, and Occupational therapists.
    • Assists with hiring decisions and develops training schedules for new Line Technicians or professional staff.
    • Assist Operations Team with research and outcome measures.
    • Conducts annual performance reviews for Line Technicians.
    • Work in conjunction with ABA Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, and Occupational Therapist to ensure collaboration between disciplines.
    • Facilitate weekly meetings to review caseloads and progress of care.
    • Provide disciplinary action for staff and ensure continued professional development of all.
    • Attend department staff meetings, program staff meetings, and facility staff meetings
    • Actively participate in a multidisciplinary treatment team.
    • Maintain professional clinical competency by attending continuing education and workshops in the areas of ABA
    • Utilize safe & appropriate handling procedures when working with clients.
    • Adhere to agency safety policy and procedures
    • Support and supervise clients during leisure activities including lunch and play time.
    • Maintain client confidentiality and adhere to HIPAA laws.

    What We offer

    • No long-distance travel, no nights, no weekends.
    • Highly competitive salary range that will commensurate with experience.
    • Yearly stipend reimbursement for professional fees.
    • The chance to join a growing practice with great career growth potential for interested BCBAs. Our culture is one of collaboration, consistent communication, and support for all of our staff. Our in-house office support team handles all billing and other administrative tasks so our BCBAs can focus solely on delivering exceptional ABA therapy to our clients.

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      Some of what we do...

      SPEAK Program

      This unique and effective, comprehensive program was developed by Gulfsouth Autism Center doctors to help prepare children for independence in a school environment.  SPEAK combines intensive one-on-one ABA services with occupational therapy, and individual and group speech therapy.

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      ABA Treatment in Covington

      ABA Interventions

      ABA treatments are ranked by the National Standards Project as the most effective treatments for autism, and are endorsed by leading pediatric and autism organizations.  Gulfsouth Autism Center’s ABA programs are structured to reinforce established skills, following instructions, and promote educational success.

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      Autism Center in Covington

      Occupational Therapy

      Gulfsouth Autism Center’s pediatric occupational therapy focuses on helping your child develop their visual, sensory and fine motor skills.  This promotes independence in applying these skills to better function and socialize in their home, school, play, and community environments.

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      Autism Center in Covington

      Speech Therapy

      The one-on-one sessions between your child and the Gulfsouth Autism Center speech therapists are crucial in helping meet your child’s individual goals. We focus on receptive and expressive language, pragmatic language and social skills, as well as articulation, apraxia of speech, oral motor skills, and feeding.

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      Elmer Aviles, Recruiter

      tel:(504) 350-0833


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