Individual speech services entail one-on-one sessions between therapist and child. Sessions are structured around each child’s individual goals and last 30-45 minutes. Areas of therapy include receptive and expressive language, pragmatic language and social skills, articulation, apraxia of speech, oral motor skills, and feeding.

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children gain independence and promotes development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize in their home, school, play, and community environments.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is available as a part of our SPEAK program and as an individual service. Typical clients vary in age from toddlers to older school-aged children. Young clients benefit from intensive individual instruction that emphasizes communication, understanding instructions and pre-academics. These skills prepare youngsters for successful transition to group instructional and therapy programs. School-age children benefit from programs designed to reinforce established skills, promote communication and social goals, and support educational success. Therapy sessions occur 3-5 times per week, for two or more hours per session. Our staff assists in determining the best therapeutic course for each client.

Our preschool program offers interdisciplinary and intensive early intervention services for children aged 2-6 years. The program incorporates one-on-one ABA services with Group Speech Therapy; which provides the intensive individualized services needed by many children combined with a natural learning environment.

​Occupational therapy services are integrated within the preschool day. The preschool program is offered year-round, Monday-Friday. All services are designed to meet the specific needs of each child​